Monday, November 17, 2014

A call to a detective

hello sir, my name is Ethan Eisenhart and I'm a student at central York middle school. I am calling to inquire about the details of your job because I myself am interested in becoming a detective in homicide. I have a few questions

How did you come to get your job? Do you ever have to risk your life in the line of duty? About how many murders do you have to deal with a year? Do you enjoy your job? Do you ever investigate anything other than homicide?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finding my way to crime solving

Personally I have made it a goal to eventually become a detective as well as solving cases in homicide. But before you can become a detective you have to go a little slower and be an officer which is also a personal goal of mine.
Currently though it is not possible for me to become an officer of the law as I am still in school and though I can't complete my dreams just yet I still have some goal for my English class such as getting good grades. I also plan on in English class becoming a better writer than I currently am.
It also occurs to me that I could possibly contact someone currently working as a detective and so them as to how their job works and what it's like solving cases. Some other things I might ask might be things like: is it fun to catch criminals? How long does it take to become a detective? What kinds of things do you have to deal with when on the job? Do you ever have to risk your life?

Passionate about crime solving

It's been quite a while now since I started getting in to my interest in solving crime as a detective. But not just any detective children, no I want to be a homicide detective. Now you might be thinking "well that's a gruesome area of work" and it's right for you to think of that because sometimes it could get a bit gruesome but that stuff has not really been of to much worry to me for I have a tolerance towards things like blood and guts. As well as having a tolerance towards blood I also have a mom who is interested in the same type of work just in a different area. She studied in criminology and would work with prisoners so she knows the type of stuff I need to become a detective and I see it as a way of learning the ropes. Of course I will need to be a cop before a detective and what better way then have a parent help train you ahead of time!